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We offer legal, reputable, licensed bets! Sports betting is a very attractive business. As in all other areas of healthy, reputable economic activity, it is all about the sustained success of the choice of the right partner. Of course, it must be absolutely reliable. Above all, however, our industry is different from many others, legally viewed, and that is: we are 100% licensed.

Waiting for the new gambling treaty: the ratification of the new State Treaty on gaming drags on, but then the sports betting business is not to blame of being deterministic, as Germany currently is in a gray area, legally. The voluntary renunciation of important income increasingly is found to be quite difficult for many; the patience of the industry is put to a real test. But we can, talking from decades of experience, assure you that it is totally worth waiting for! Because whoever stays cool now, makes the better deal in the long run – when it comes to sports betting.

For quick success – try out our Admiral Sport-betting! What is it? With more than 195 branches and more than 50% market share, the undisputed leader of the Austrian branch sports betting market, and having over 20 years of tradition and experience as Bookie – the competence center for sports betting is top class!

Our leading position in Austria provides an excellent platform for expansion in Germany. Due to our focus on absolute seriousness and accent on corporate culture, we are here for you to actively enter the market, in case you accordingly avail yourself of the required license. And this is when you can enjoy Admiral Sport-betting’s benefits that no other can offer to you, designed for quick success delivery: a legal and lucrative additional sports betting initiative, including recent technology, comprehensive support by trained staff, a licensed bookmaker, and guaranteed timely payout to your customers.

Our philosophy is: trust makes it through bookmaker competence, payment security and reputable business practices. Novomatic is the leader. Others follow! Bet!

When one of the largest gaming companies in the world is behind it, success is not a matter of luck. As an affiliate of Novomatic AG, Admiral Sport-betting has an extremely strong background which guarantees the continuity of successful quality on your chosen path.