Bet base celebrates its 10th anniversary

Wettbasisdotcom celebrates its 10th anniversary today and all of its readers and visitors are welcome to join in the celebrations, or to attend. 10 years ago to the day, on the 29th of October 2002, the decision of two Viennese sports betting guys Florian Kцrner and Hans Kern – sounded crazy – but it was a focal point for like-minded people on the Internet to launch, and put into action the which went online. Their goal: betting tips and information to share, and sharing the fun of sports betting with others.

As true Internet pioneers, Florian Kцrner and Hans Kern’s passion for football and related sports betting, they developed the idea of all information on sports betting that everyone needs on the Internet in order to bet successfully, which can actually be provided on a single web page. Back then, there was absolutely no comprehensive source of information on the Internet. Whoever was looking for answers or betting tips on the web at this time, had to fight their way through many different websites, almost always written for English-speaking visitors.

Thus, the two friends and founders of decided to offer all of this information to other sports betting fans, at no cost, on a single internet web site. It is a tradition which has prevailed on even to this day, and it is also one quite eminent reason for the great popularity and the favor of the page. Long gone are the days of the ever ongoing search for expert sports betting information in the fast-growing digital jungle.

Ten years later, most of the founders dreams become a reality, and the has developed into one of the world’s most respected sports betting information sites on the World Wide Web. Betting tipsters and fans are now on and discussing all the important information, which is necessary for successful betting.

In particular, many betting beginners and opportunity tipsters have benefited already in a very different way from the online email course “Better bets in 7 days”, which runs in conjunction with the latest daily betting tips and sports betting stats, and succeed much easier to give the right impression from the bettings done.

The editorial which led the betting news section is one of the most essential participants in the betting base. Whether it is news from the sports sector, or major bookmakers news, here in the betting news section you will find the latest news items, interesting and packed crisp.

Only reputable and highly professional bookmakers are recommended betting on the base, and only in competition-based cases there is comprehensive and constantly updated overview of current sports betting bonus promotions.

The satisfaction of the web site’s readers, and the direct contact with all customers are their “nuts and bolts” and are in general present in the foreground. This is why the is the only sports betting info site which supports a free Betting Live chat. All questions on the subject of betting can be very quickly and directly clarified online by some experienced staff via the live chat. There will also are many more features and tools that are made available to online users, supporting the

In what remains of the year 2012, we are celebrating a decade of existence, and we also want your confidence and your unwavering loyalty that has made all this possible in the first place, given thanks to with a dazzling array of contests and exclusive bonus actions. Let us celebrate together the great birthday anniversary party!

As a part of our 10th anniversary, we would not like, of course, to deny access to our contests and the betting base. Below you can get an overview of all the sweepstakes.